About Us


The Plant is well equipped with highly sophisticated facilities comprising of the material preparation line, heavy and light duty rim lines, a press line having presses of upto 1500-ton capacity, an assembly and welding line with CO2 and submerged arc welding machines. The manufacturing is complemented by two conveyorised paint shops with seven stages pretreatment system and the second one comprises of the most modern Cathodic Electro Deposition painting process using latest paints from Kansai Paint Co. Japan. Specialized facilities of shot blasting, tool and die making, repairing, quality assurance material and wheel testing also exist. .

The rapid growth has been triggered by a regular high growth in economy and increase in the purchasing power of customers. To meet the challenge of ever increasing demand in the country and as well as abroad, BWL brought a wide diversity in the products, currently the company operates on a total land of 97,000 square meters while plant has covered area of 16,000 square meters. The annual production capacity has increased from one million wheels to 2.5 million wheels per annum. .

BWL have installed High Tech Disc Spinning machine which has the capacity to produce Disc of Commercial Vehicle Wheels, the shape/profile is improved and is like CKD wheels. This machine have also enabled BWL to produce Tubeless Wheels for Commercial Vehicles upto 24 inches in size. .

BWL has successfully developed Tubeless Wheel size 8.25 x 22.5 for Trucks and 6.0x17.5 for Mini Bus & Trucks. .

Process Improvement: .

With the assistance of Fontijne Grotnes- Holland, who is one of the best wheel machinery manufacturers, the latest developed process have been installed to produce wheel rims upto 16” diameter. For commercial vehicle wheels process improvement has been implemented with the assistance of Dong Feng – China, who is the biggest automobile manufacturers in China. Recently high-tech Spinning Machine for producing Disc of Commercial Vehicle is included in the plant. BWL is now capable to produce Tubeless truck bus wheels and wheels with heavy thickness upto 16mm. During last 10 years we have made investment of Rs. 300 million for the improvement of Plant and machinery for updating our product to meet international quality standard. .

Quality Assurance System: .

Quality Assurance System is backed by a laboratory equipped with tensile testing, hardness testing, metallographic and chemical testing equipment. For run-out checking BWL has two online automatic wheel gauging and low point marking station, so that the quality delivered to customers is 100% assured. Following high tech wheel testing facilities are also added in the existing plant for assurance of quality of wheels. Cornering fatigue testing machine for car & commercial vehicles and Radial fatigue testing machine for car & commercial vehicles. .

Research & Development: .

A constant need to come with newer and better modes of production has been the hallmark of BWL corporate philosophy. The R&D department is engaged in development of new products, improvement and upgrading of processes. This department is equipped with CAD/CAM facilities and CNC machines for in-house manufacturing of tooling & spares. BWL has the ability to develop wheels to specific requirement of the customers. .

Our Customers: .

BWL supplies wheels for all major companies, OEM’s of Pakistan Automotive Industry. Our customers are Toyota, Suzuki, Hinopak, Ghandhara ISUZU and Nissan, Lucky Motors, Fuso Master, Pak Daewoo, Millat Tractor (Messy Ferguson) and Al Ghazi Tractor (Fiat). .

BWL is also exporting wheels to countries like Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, South America, Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Dubai, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh etc. .

Products: .

Passenger Car Wheels .

ranges from size 4x12 to 6.0x15 .

4x4 Vehicle Wheels .

ranges from size 4.50x16 to 6.0x16 .

Light Commercial Vehicle Wheels,

ranges from size 4x12 to 6.0x16 .

Commercial Vehicle Wheels, .

ranges from size 5.50x16 to 8.25x22.5 .

Tractor Rear Wheels, .

ranges from size 9x28 to 15x30 .

Tractor Front Wheels, .

ranges from size 4.5x16 to 5.5x16 & 11x24 .